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You hold the key to your freedom

Why Freedom?

You hold the key to your own success. Understand what we mean by freedom.

Sessions that suit you

Sessions are tailored to suit your requirements, in terms of duration and frequency.

Calming environment

Every effort is made to ensure that you feel as comfortable and calm, as possible, during your session.

Mark Reumel   Ad Dip PC  MHS

I offer Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Hypnotherapy, and Coaching for anyone over the age of 18. This can be provided face to face from my home in Maidstone, Kent. Or, I can visit you*.  Alternatively, we can work online using Zoom/Teams, etc, or by phone.

Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society

Membership No: NCS14 - 01582

Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

Membership No: HYP13-00232


07512 007839

* If I visit you, we will need to be in a quiet room with no interruptions of any kind. There would also be additional costs relating to my travel.

Client Testimonials

Seeing other people's feedback may help you gain the confidence that I too, can help you

Importance of Mental Health

You are not alone, don't ever think that you are.

Only 1 in 8

people are currently getting any kind of treatment for mental health conditions

reported symptoms of mental health issues during the pandemic

report experiencing mental health problems every week in the UK

All data is taken from mind, for more info visit


Make contact

If you would like to speak to me, please contact me directly or, use the online form below.

07512 007839

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