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Client Feedback

Please see below, the comments and feedback that I have received from clients that I have worked with. This may help you gain the understanding and trust in how I have been able to help.

I was recommended to Mark whilst  going through a very difficult time. My Mum had passed away and shortly thereafter I had separated from my husband. I was not coping at all well with either situation and desperately needed some professional help to see a light at the end of the tunnel as I was in a very bad place.  I also had huge low self esteem issues and, whilst seeing Mark, it became very apparent that I had not dealt with the death of my Dad many years before  who I was extremely close to. I saw him regularly and felt so much better at the end of it and much more positive.

From our very first meeting Mark was brilliant. He immediately put me at ease, was very professional and was a great listener which made it very easy for me to open up to him and discuss my  personal problems without feeling awkward. Mark managed to get me to view things differently and in a more positive instead of negative way.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mark, he’s amazing.

54 Year Old Female

20 Year Old Male

I'd never had counselling before Mark was recommended to me, and I was initially quite skeptical of the whole thing. From the first session however, my apprehension was replaced by positivity. I almost felt almost instantly comfortable talking things through with Mark, who listened to me and understood me straight away. He helped me to approach my issues in different ways and helped me to be more honest with myself about the way I feel and think. 


I always felt safe and calm talking things through with Mark and never felt stupid and melodramatic when doing so, which was what I had always thought counselling amounted to. My conversations with Mark led me to make positive changes in lots of aspects of my life, which I know will serve me well for years to come. I would definitely recommend him.

My first contact with Mark was a casual chat on the phone while I gave a brief overview of how I was feeling, Mark was incredibly friendly and instantly made me feel at ease. My anxiousness about talking to him soon went away.

Every session after, I saw an improvement in how I was feeling. Mark just listened to everything I had to say, I felt very relaxed and unjudged, and every session ended with me smiling and feeling a lot more confident that I will return to feeling happy once more.

Mark has amazing analogies for situations, which really helped me look at things in such a different way, I now find myself saying "what would Mark say?" when I’m in a difficult situation or feeling down.

I am smiling once more and I owe that to Mark, he is an amazing guy who really has helped me so much, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

28 Year Old Female


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